Tilt & Turn Window

Tilt and turn windows have been a popular choice of window in many countries for some time. There are many advantageous properties of tilt and turn windows that explain this success. A tilt and turn window operates by a single lever which controls both the tilt and the turn. Typically a quarter turn of the lever will allow the window to swing inwards like a casement window. A second quarter turn will allow the window to tilt inwards from the top.


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Custom Options

  • Material
  • Glass
  • Accessories
  • Downloads
  • uPVC

    Multi-chambered, rigid, extra-heavy uPVC extrusions for greater strength, improved rigidity, and superior insulating qualities

    Frame and sash reinforced for easy fastening of hardware and increased rigidity

    Fusion welded frame and sash corners for strength and durability

    Multi-point stainless steel locking device for enhanced security

    Heavy duty hinge for maximum durability

    Theft resistant

    Screens included

  • Aluminum

    Silicon with excellent air tightness and cooperate with 12 mm space hollow glass to achieve good sound insulation performance .

    Any color available, also you can choose from color bond or RAL.

    Multi-point locking system for much sealing performance

    Available fly screens, do not need to be removed to open the window.

    Variety of non-thermal break aluminum profiles and thermal break aluminum profiles.

There are lots of custom options for the glass from the type of glass, layer to the thickness and color. Our engineers will choose the best combination of the following based on your window style and budget.

For each window style, the accessories may come in differently. You can choose your accessories by brands or be advised by our experienced engineers.

There are multiple designs for this window style, please see the technical document below for more information.

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