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Shower Screen

Good Mechanical Properties

Stainless steel has good tensile strength,yield strength and other mechanical properties. its strength, hardness ismuch higher than copper, aluminum, zinc alloy and other common-used materials, it has resistance to deformation, abrasion resistance and large bearing.

Strong Corrosion Resistance

Hand polishing surface is more compact, the surface formed chromium oxide has strong corrosion resistance, the high quality CF8 or 304 stainless steel can bear up 300 hours salt spray test.

Easy to Judge Products Quality

Stainless steel bathroom products usually has polishing finish, it can be judged quality by eye directly, do not need to worry about coating problem.

Long Using Life

Stainless steel bathroom products have good properties of mechancial and corrosion resistance. if it is installed properly and maintan well, that can use for decades even longer.

Easy Clearing and Maintenance

Polishing finish is not easy to attach dust, therefore, it is convenient to clean and maintain, and it can ensure products looks new for a long time, and will not fall off coating and oxidation.

Environment Friendly

Stainless steel do not contain lead and other harmful heavy metals, the materials is safey to make faucet.

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