Folding Door

Folding Doors Concertina doors (Folding Sliding Doors) are all more commonly known, provide you far wider widths than conventional the other kind doors and also provide 90% clear opening as opposed to patio doors 40%.

Naturally smooth, gliding and brilliantly remarkable folding doors generate a huge amount of incredible space besides providing a fashionable character and soothing glass wall setting to any normal room. Folding doors can acknowledge any structure and offer thrilling glass wall solutions to several circumstances without harming the nature of the basic structure.

Folding doors can merge spaces together and also remove obstructions between the outside area and inner areas. They can accurately bring the exterior in compliance to the natural surroundings. As contrasting to French doors and patio doors this folding panel, concertina door alteration generates a level and wide access. It also enhances the structural nature of a glass wall and a building letting in more natural light and creating a critical difference to the house. Limitations formed by most of the patio doors and French doors are not a crisis for the folding doors as they can be mounted in openings one may think impossible. Almost, like blowing a complete wall out or even opening the corner of a room in order to create the space when one does not have a completely accessible opening. The alternatives are infinite as it just depends on how impressive one wants his home to appear and how imaginative one wants to be.

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Custom Options

  • Material
  • Glass
  • Accessories
  • Downloads
  • uPVC

    Multi-chambered frame and sash extrusions for superior strength and insulating properties

    Frame and sash reinforced for easy fastening of hardware and increased rigidity

    German Siegenia Locking System

    Retractable Screen or Accordion Screen can be applied.

  • Aluminum

    Hidden hinge design for concise looking

    Retractable Screen or Accordion Screen can be applied.

There are lots of custom options for the glass from the type of glass, layer to the thickness and color. Our engineers will choose the best combination of the following based on your door style and budget.

For each door style, the accessories may come in differently. You can choose your accessories by brands or be advised by our experienced engineers.

There are multiple designs for this door style, please see the technical document below for more information.

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