Lift & Sliding Door

Lift-Slide doors offer great openings with 20 feet maximum width made from just two large glass panels, Lift-Slide doors are a quintessential tool for modern living. No other type of patio door can offer expanses of glass this big without dividers limiting your view.

ROPO Sliding Doors are fantastically well insulated to ensure cozy comfort and energy efficiency in your home with only glass in between you and your view. Our sliding doors offer the biggest expanses of moving glass anywhere. A simple turn of the handle gently lifts the entire door out of it seal, and it can then glide with the push of two fingers to the side.

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Custom Options

  • Material
  • Glass
  • Accessories
  • Downloads
  • uPVC

    Multi-chambered frame and sash extrusions for superior strength and insulating properties

    Frame and sash reinforced for easy fastening of hardware and increased rigidity

    German ROTO Locking System

    Retractable Screen or Accordion Screen or Security Screen can be applied.

  • Aluminum

    German Locking system is for good performance

    Winder track design with stronger windload and better water tight

    Retractable Screen or Accordion Screen or Security Screen can be applied.

There are lots of custom options for the glass from the type of glass, layer to the thickness and color. Our engineers will choose the best combination of the following based on your door style and budget.

For each door style, the accessories may come in differently. You can choose your accessories by brands or be advised by our experienced engineers.

There are multiple designs for this door style, please see the technical document below for more information.

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