Shade Series

Integral Blinds

Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are the most technologically advanced blinds on the market today. They can be fully opened, closed, or tilted in the same way as conventional blinds, allowing as much or as little light as you want and to protect your privacy. They’re inside a double glazed, argon gas filled unit, which means they’ll never attract dust and never need cleaning. This not only means less work for you, it also means that integral blinds are perfect for areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance. If someone in your household suffers from allergies, or if your business is in the health care or food service sector, integral blinds are ideal. You can custom the design and colors with ROPO!

Aluminum Louver

Aluminum Louver

ROPO's aluminum louver is the choice of homeowners looking for extra protection and security. It is is sturdy, durable and low-maintenance, with a surface that can be powder-coat finished in smooth or textured colors, a reasonably priced alternative to wood shutters.

upvc louver

uPVC Louver

Our uPVC louvers are perfect for both new construction or remodeling projects. uPVC louvers will not rot, they resist warping and are impervious to fungus.

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Glass Louver

Glass Louvers open up a room to the outside by allowing fresh air and light in without obstructing the view. They also keep out the elements like rain and wind while providing indoor ventilation. ROPO Louvers are an elegant, aesthetically pleasing solution that can be arranged vertically or horizontally in a number of configurations.

Security Louver

Security Louver

All ROPO windows & doors projects are based on customization. Our engineers will design a best solution for your project based on your energy requirement and budget.

Our customization options include: frame materials, glass, hardware, grilles, screens etc.


Roller Down Shutter

Roll Down Shutters not only provide protection against the elements, they also provide security for your home or business. Crank or electric motor operation makes this style of shutter easy to use and you can operate it from inside your home during bad weather.

These shutters allow you to control how much sunlight enters your home or business as well as the amount of heat that is retained or reflect from the building. If the indoor window you need protection for is located in an area where a crank is not feasible, roll down shutters allow you to protect your investment in your home or business with ease.

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