Excellent Performance Bcom's Products

We are quality obsessed. Each of your products will be inspected carefully from the raw material to manufacturing to logistics and delivery via our advanced equipment and experienced workers inspection.

Feasible Video Intercom Solutions

Bcom offers video intercom solutions ranging from single door building systems to multi-door building systems to villa systems covering all your commercial and residential needs.

In addition,we can also provide solutions for your separately purchasing on our indoor monitors or outdoor stations.

Have an idea on mind?

Cost-effective ODM and OEM Services

In-house manufacturing

We have our own manufacturing facility to develop a designated sample with multi-useful functions for you within 20 business days.

Flexible Customization

Our R&D capabilities can satisfy your exclusive needs, including product design, operation system, logo labeling, and so on.

Tailor-made Power Configuration

Bcom offers OEM services of new AHD video intercoms to our Australian clients, changing the power configuration of indoor monitors to 12V/2A and allowing the connection of access control.

Why Choose Us

Mature Supply Chains

Having developed a suppliers management system, we make sure all the materials are qualified.

Short Lead Time

By having full control over all manufacturing process, Bcom can ensure delivery of your products on time.

Comprehensive Support

Bcom works behind our products. We're pleased to offer 24/7 services to address your issues.

Widest Application

Our products meet the needs of your residential or commercial property and accommodate any budget!