Garage Door

Selected hing quality steel plate, the self-clear coating steel plate. surface coating adopts up to date nanometer thechnology, which is anti static, corruption resistance, radiation prodction, provided with self-clear function. even if it is ex-posed to the outside and undergo the gas and bust pollustion, insolation, color and as lustrous as a new one

The Garage Door Panel Spec.

The special design of concave and concavex seam adopted by South Korea Dolldun advanced technology, has got the patent right.

The suface of relief sculpture imitating wood grain shows the irregular powder-spraying veins, having the relief sculpture beautiful and generous.

The Zin plating steel plank of specification, sparayed by polyester powder in two sides, become stronger to defend decay.

The middle layer is solid polyester powder, making the heat preservation effective.

The reinforcing steel in door makes the door high intensity.

Elegant white appearance are harmonious with every colour of environment, and makes the garage light bright and soft

There i sealing gun at the bottom of door, which keeps sand and rain water away effectively.

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