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AAccuracy Is Key

In the making of windows and doors, there is no one-size-fits-all. The ROPO production team pays attention to the dimensions, angles and everything that might affect accuracy.

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    Corner Cleaning

  • Surface cleaning

    Surface Cleaning

  • Hardware installation

    Hardware Installation

  • Glass installation

    Glass Installation

TThe Pursuit of Perfection

Even the seem-easy handiwork are seriously considered. From removing stains on the frames and glass, to assembling windows and doors, our workers are always in pursuit of perfection.

  • Window Adjustment

    Window Adjustment

  • Door adjustment

    Door Adjustment

FFunctionality Assured

Each window and door is tested with our wall simulator, making sure each works as expected.

  • Pearl Cotton packaging

    Pearl Cotton Packaging

  • Bubble packaging

    Bubble Packaging

  • Carton packaging

    Carton Packaging

  • Container Loading

    Container Loading

PPackaging Matters

ROPO invests in packaging utilizing 5 layers of protection because poor packaging might result in distortion of the frames and cracks in the glass.

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