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  • Hurricane Impact Window
  • Hurricane Impact Window
  • Hurricane Impact Window
  • Hurricane Impact Window
  • Hurricane Impact Window
  • Hurricane Impact Window

Hurricane Impact Window

When your next design, construction, or renovation project is located in a coastal area, you know the conditions your buildings are up against. Tropical Storms, Hurricanes down. The windows and doors you choose are critical. You need products specifically designed to stand up to wind, rain, moisture, salt and sun. When it comes to the harshest coastal conditions like hurricane force winds, driving rain, humidity, flying debris, endless sun and more, ROPO can take it! Delivering a long-lasting, worry-free, energy efficient, exceptional value promise — 365 days a year.

Material Guideline

The main options to consider as hurricane resistant windows are aluminum, vinyl. Aluminum could probably be the strongest of the two, providing excellent results when hurricane conditions are present. Their main drawback is that they will need to be painted with time.

Vinyl hurricane proof windows are a great cost-effective solution, offering great insulation benefits.

Glass Types of Hurricane Resistant Windows

The PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral), is the most widely used product in the impact glass market since it does great when impacted and absorbs the impact.

Locking System-Stainless Steel


Come in different styles and sizes
Provide permanent protection against tornados, storms, and hurricane at any time
Its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces
A much higher sound insulation rating due to its damping effect
Blocks 99% of transmitted UV light

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