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Window & Door Hardware

Window & Door Hardware

Choosing the right hardware for your windows and patio doors is essential. With a wide and ever-expanding array of ROPO hardware choices, you can find the perfect hardware to meet your home needs.


ROPO works with the most trust-worthy brands from Germany and high performance-ratio brands from China. Our engineers will select the best brands that will fo for your windows and doors as well as your budget. You can find brands below and tell us what your preferred brand is!

  • ROTO

  • Doric


  • Dr. Hahn



  • HOPO

  • Hautau

  • GU


Hardware Choices

For each window style and door style, there are specific hardware to ensure its functionality and performance, entrust us to find the perfect blend of beauty and function for your windows and doors. Whether you are constructing a modern office building or a vintage-style home, we have just the right parts for you.

  • Doric Sliding Door Handle

  • Lock and Handle

  • ROTO Door Handle

  • Hoppe Handle

  • ROTO Handle

  • Heavy Duty Wheels

  • Sliding Door Wheels

  • Sliding & Lift Door Wheels

  • ROTO Sliding Door Handle

  • Hand Crank

  • ROTO Lock

  • Doric Chain Winder

  • ROTO Handle

  • Multipoint Lock

  • Casement Window Hardware

  • Dr. Hahn Door Hinge

  • Corner Drive

  • Corner Drive

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