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Timber or uPVC Window Frames?

You may be able to choose between uPVC window frames and timber frames At Listed Window Refurbishment, we aim to give you the best standard of service at all times. This is a big factor in why offer timber frame windows and uPVC window frames. A lot of different thoughts and reasons go into the…

uPVC Profile

What is a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

The SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a measure of the amount of heat that can be gained through your windows at times of direct solar contact. The SHGC is important as during summer the SHGC can add large amounts of unwanted heat to your house. Equally in winter the SHGC can be utilised to provide cost and pollution free heat from the sun. The Solar heat gain is measure as a coefficient and indicates the amount of direct solar heat that will penetrate your house.

Double Glazing

Increase the Value of Your Home and Reduce Energy Costs with Double Glazing

If you’re looking to add value to your home while reducing your energy costs, one way is to install double glazed units. What is a double glazed unit? This is just a fancy term for two glass window panes separated by air or other gas, designed to reduce heat transfer, thereby lowering your heating bills. And if you’re thinking of future resale value (which you always should be, regardless of how long you’re planning on staying in your current home!), lowered energy bills will certainly attract interested buyers.

Why Choose uPVC Double Glazing

They Are The World’s #1 Choice. Available across Europe in America for the past 60 years, uPVC window profiles are the most popular choice to deliver superior and proven performance. Worldwide, more than half of all new and replacement residential windows are uPVC. That’s almost 290 million window units a year, chosen for their durability,…


Why Australian Certification is Important

There are companies that are supplying windows to the Canberra market that are offering a free upgrade to triple glazing. They import their windows from China and Made in China, however, they do not pick up the supplier is with Australian Standard. the uPVC Window and door is not be tested to the Australian Standard and may be unable to provide Australian test results.

Aluminum Awning Windows

Double glazing

Double glazing is a way of creating an insulating layer – either normal air or special heavy gases – between two panes of glass. It lets in as much sunlight as single-glazed windows, but is better at holding in heat. Double glazing is standard in most new houses but it’s also worth installing in existing homes if you’re doing substantial repairs or replacing the windows. If you need to prioritise, install double glazing to the main heated areas of the house as well as to large windows.

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Replacing older windows with high efficiency uPVC ones can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1 tonne a year.

Rising energy costs and growing concerns about greenhouse gas emissions are leading to an increased focus on improving the energy efficiency of our homes and buildings. In cooler weather, forty percent of a building’s heating can be lost through glazing while in summer the transfer of heat from outside to in through windows leads to the need to air-condition homes and buildings.