upvc windows

What is PVC?

The components of PVC originate from the naturally occurring raw materials of petroleum, or natural gas and common salt. The ‘u’ stands for Unplasticised, (sometimes called Unmodified), and it means that the material has not been softened by the addition of chemicals known as plasticisers.

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

Pvc Tilt and turn windows

Pvc Tilt and turn windows have been a popular choice of window in many countries for some time. There are many advantageous properties of pvc Tilt and turn windows that explain this success. A tilt and turn window operates by a single lever which controls both the tilt and the turn. Typically a quarter turn of the lever will allow the window to swing inwards like a pvc casement window. A second quarter turn will allow the window to tilt inwards from the top.