double glazing windows

FAQ-Double Glazing Windows

What is double glazing?
Double glazing refers to a sealed glass unit comprising 2 sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar around the outside of the glass. The spacer bar creates a nominated mm air gap between the glass panes, which creates the insulation break between the inside and outside of the window.

uPVC Combination Windows

PVC Frame

These days the most popular material for double-glazed window frames is PVC-u (Poly Vinyl Chloride Unplasticised). Its popularity is based on several factors and most notably the fact that is the cheapest material for frames. However, it also has excellent heat insulation properties and is very durable which makes it ideal for variable climates. It is not only excellent at repelling heat, but it is also effective at reducing noise and draughts. This help creates a comfortable peaceful environment in any room.