upvc windows

How to make uPVC Windows?

Do you know that to fabricate a traditional type of windows like aluminum windows, only 3 to 4 machines are needed? while to fabricate ROPO uPVC Windows and Doors, we need more than 10 high tech and high precision machines, this is to ensure that even with lower price as compared to our competitor, we do not compromise the quality of our products. we pledge to deliver the best product and service to every customer.

Low E Glass

Low-E Coated Glass

Low-E Coated Glass Low emissivity coated glass is also called Low-E glass. Low-E glass is a kind of glass whose surface is coated with low emissivity coating silver and metal-oxide film so that the glass takes on different colors. Its mainly functions are to reduce the U value of glass, selectively reduce Sc and comprehensively…